Difficulty Swallowing Pills In The Morning? Try These Tricks 

 October 12, 2022

Many of us find ourselves in real difficulty swallowing pills early in the morning. This is not unnatural. Generally, a kid finds it a problem to swallow the pills. But if the problem persists for you, you might have some difficulty.


For example, if a physician prescribes you to take pills early in the morning, this will put you in some real difficulty. Therefore you need to try out some methodology to help you swallow pills properly and without much disturbance. So let us start the discussion right here to get a better understanding.

Tricks To Fix The Problem Of Swallowing Pills Early In The Morning 

There are certain ways that will assist you in swallowing pills early in the morning. With these, you might manage it properly.

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1. Drink A Lot Of Water

The first technique of swallowing pills is drinking lots of water. Next, fill your throat with lots of water and put the pill into your mouth. Finally, put the water inside, and the pill will get down your throat with the same flow.


This one, though a basic problem, is highly effective for most people. But there are quite a lot of people who will not be able to follow this technique. Eventually, they need to find some other techniques.

2. Coat With Some Gel

Casting your pill with some gel is a great technique for swallowing your pill. Some studies show that 54 % of people improved swallowing with some pill swallowing assistance. They will not only make things easy but also reduce the discomfort of swallowing to quite an extent.

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However, some people complain about the taste of the pills. Now, if you coat the pill, you will definitely get rid of the problem for sure.

3. Lean Forward Technique 

The lean-forward technique is also considered a useful trick for swallowing pills early in the morning. If you lean forward and put your throat down, your throat will automatically create a passage for the pill to get in. This is beneficial in swallowing the tablets.


Just drink a lot of water, clean your throat, and then put the pill inside your mouth. You will find the pills easily pass through your throat. It was found in a study that 88% of people improved their swallowing with this technique.

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4. Using A Bottle With A Small Neck

If you find it really difficult to swallow a pill in the morning, you can use a bottle with a small neck. For example, you might have observed that you tried to swallow pills with one glass of water. This might be the reason that you found yourself in trouble persistently.


In that case, you can use a bottle with a small neck. This is also called a pop bottle. The pop bottle technique was devised by German researchers. It was found that nearly 60% of the people improved upon their technique of swallowing pills.

5. Use A Straw

You might wonder how someone would swallow pills with the help of a straw. But this is for the ones who have failed with almost all the techniques. In this case, you have to break the pill to dissolve it in the water. Then drink the water with a straw.

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Now, if the pill tastes bitter, you will have to drink the bitter water with time. Thus you can use a straw for drinking the medicine with time. You have no other alternative to it.

6. Psychological Therapy 

Many of you have the problem of gagging reflex. Therefore, psychological therapy is deemed highly useful in improving things for you.


There are certain things that come under the following and include relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy, diverting attention, cognitive behavior therapy, and others.

Wrapping It Up

Swallowing pills right in the morning can be a difficult thing for you. But it considers the ways discussed above; you can help yourself by swallowing the pills.

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This is a real problem for those whose physicians have prescribed pills early in the morning. They have no other option but to practice some of the techniques discussed above to get rid of the problem.


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