SWOLY Creatine Gummies Review 

 January 6, 2023


You’ve seen us talk about creatine before. It’s one of the most popular supplements and for good reason! SWOLY creatine gummies take creatine supplementation to the next level by making it way more convenient and enjoyable. They taste great and they get results. But is there anything else to know about them? Well, yes! I’ve been taking these gummies every day for months now, so let’s dive into what makes these so special.

Creatine Overview

Creatine is a popular sports supplement that helps your muscles recover faster. It’s often taken by professional athletes, but it can also benefit anyone who exercises or does physical labor.

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There are many benefits of taking creatine, including:

  • Increased strength and muscle endurance
  • Less fatigue during exercise
  • Better workout recovery times

Product Design

The SWOLY Creatine Gummies come in a cool container shaped like a gummy bear. It’s cute and fun, but it also makes sense for the product to be stored in this way. The container is made from pectin and comes with an easy-to-open lid that keeps your creatine gummies fresh until they’re ready to eat.

Taste and Texture

The texture is like a gummy bear. They’re chewy, but not to the point where they get stuck in your teeth or make you feel like it’s going to break off your fillings.

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The taste is sweet, but not overly sweet. If you’re a fan of regular gummy bears or fruit snacks, then these will be right up your alley. The strawberry flavor is awesome—it’s just enough strawberry without being overwhelming and artificial tasting (like some gummies).

All in all, these are delicious! I would definitely recommend trying them if you want to change up your creatine supplementation and make it way more fun.


If you’re looking for something that will help increase your strength and power at the gym, creatine gummy bears are a great bet. However, if your goal is simply to get the most out of every workout and feel energized afterward—without having to worry about side effects like jitters or crashes—these are perfect! The ingredients in these gummies are clean and safe, which is great. But they also work really well.

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The serving size of this supplement is five gummies. If you’re taking the recommended dose of five creatine gummies per day, then your daily intake would be 4g of creatine monohydrate. This is an appropriate amount for a healthy adult to consume without any adverse side effects. The recommended daily dose for athletes is 3-5g per day. They also make creatine loading easy, taking one serving in the morning after your workout and another at night before bedtime.

Creatine Content

Finally, the creatine content. The gummies contain 4 grams per serving, which is a good amount. Creatine monohydrate is the most common form of creatine and it’s proven to be safe and effective when taken in moderate doses.

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If you are looking for a delicious way to supplement your creatine and get the benefits of this amazing amino acid, check out SWOLY Creatine. Their gummies are made with real fruit and come in different flavors. The strawberry flavor tastes amazing! I have been taking these gummies every day since they arrived at my house and they have helped me recover faster after workouts and see some noticeable muscle growth.

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