3 Real Reasons You Need Slide-On Sneakers 

 June 28, 2022


People can be very particular when it comes to their sneakers. Some of us can remember the 1980s when Air Jordan became all the rage. Most athletes (or want to be athletes) just “had” to have them. The problem was that most of us couldn’t afford those sneakers with the monthly mortgage, so we admired them from afar.

Now that we are older, our reasons behind sneaker ownership are largely more practical. If you are a hiker or runner, a good pair of sneakers are essential. We all need a good pair of sneakers that can get help us enjoy our favorite activities. Even some of us non-active types need to be sure we have good arch support and soles because we stand on our feet all day. Regardless of their use, we still want sneakers to feel as good as they look. Here are three real reasons why you need slide-on sneakers.

You’re Expecting

Congratulations! You’ve just found out you’re having a child and immediately run out to buy What to Expect While You’re Expecting. You have planned for this from day one. The nursery is decorated, the baby shower was a joy, and now you are about five months along; you can’t reach your feet let alone put on shoes.


Aside from the fact that your pregnancy feet are completely swollen when you are actually able to fit into shoes, how does a pregnant woman put them on? Usually, she gets someone in the house to help her. Let’s face it, though: many pregnant women still have to go to work, the store, or any number of places, and they need to wear shoes that don’t require assistance from someone else.

It almost becomes a necessity for a pregnant woman to wear a slide-on sneaker. Sitting while pregnant makes it nearly impossible to put on shoes. Standing while attempting to put on shoes is simply dangerous because it could throw you off balance and cause a fall, and those dangers are amplified when you’re pregnant.

A slide-on sneaker may not answer all the problems a pregnant woman faces, but at least her footwear will be the least of her worries. Not only are they convenient and safe to put on, but slide-on sneakers like those made by Kizik are supportive and comfortable during and after pregnancy.

You’re Independent

Another valid reason for needing a slide-on sneaker is your desire to remain independent. Physical difficulties or limitations play a major role in the need for a hands-free sneaker. Imagine having just had surgery or facing a medical condition that limits the use of your hands, back or legs. To have some independence, being able to put on shoes alone becomes a necessity.

If you have ever had back surgery, you understand it’s a long road to recovery. More often than not, the little daily tasks that we often take for granted are the most difficult. Something as basic as putting on our shoes is now a struggle, and a frustrating one. It’s inconvenient to be recovering from surgery with no real way to put on your shoes.

What about the conditions that are permanent, everyday struggles in someone’s life? For those who suffer with motion disorders due to diseases like Parkinson’s, a slide-on sneaker goes beyond just putting on shoes. Maintaining independence and confidence in one’s daily life is priceless. Being able to put on and take off one’s own shoes without having to ask for help can make a huge difference in someone’s life. They can simply slide them on and be ready to go.

Children who have difficulty staying focused or have other disabilities may also benefit from a slide-on sneaker. Not only will the stylish fashions compare to their friends’, they will build self esteem and pride being able to put on their shoes more easily than before. With less steps to remember, and a little practice, a slide-on sneaker can help make getting ready for school in the morning a lot easier.

That may all seem pretty miraculous for a sneaker, but the benefit of giving back a person’s confidence and independence is no small feat. Pun intended.


You Like Quality Shoes

Within reason, most of us seek quality footwear. Whether it is a physical necessity or not, you want a slide-on sneaker that is hands-free and of superior quality. These are not slip-on shoes, but real sneakers. Some brands have been test-compressed over 100,000 times to ensure they are built to last.

We aren’t kids anymore, but we can still have cool shoes. These are the three real reasons you may need a slide-on sneaker; whether it be pregnancy, claiming your independence, or simply loving a stylish piece of footwear.


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