Secure Sensitive Information with Lumin PDF Tools 

 July 29, 2022

Fortune reports that about 282 million people were victims of a data breach in 2021. How about you? Can your cyber defenses protect your data?


An individual or organization protects sensitive data because its release might cost them, either in identity theft or financial loss. Back in the day, important information was written on paper and locked away in vaults or safes for safekeeping. Now that the world is digitized, we keep important stuff in electronic documents or PDFs.


Storing data on PDFs allows you to access and share them in seconds, whenever you want.


Over the years, PDF editor software has become a must-have for people, businesses, and organizations with extensive editing and file-sharing needs. PDF editor apps and their features have also made document exchange faster and more secure. They protect PDFs from data theft and tampering through passwords, encryption, and other features.

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However, PDF storage comes with security problems. This blog post will examine why your info needs protection and the best file protection tool for you. But first, let us examine the cons of storing sensitive data in electronic documents.


Problems with Security Information in PDF

Like any other electronic invention, electronic documents have their limitations. Here are some significant problems that come with keeping sensitive information in PDFs:


Problem 1: Page layout


Electronic documents have a fixed-layout. Which means if you designed a PDF for a desktop, anyone viewing it on their mobile phone would do a lot of zooming in and scrolling. This problem reduces user experience, thus increasing the likelihood of missing an important detail.

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Problem 2: Editing cost


After creating a PDF, in the event of a mistake, you can’t directly modify the document unless you pay a fee. Therefore, you can only make corrections via the Edit option on online pdf editors like Adobe Acrobat Pro and Lumin PDF.


Problem 3: You can’t track who gets the PDF


Since you can’t track reader data, you can only hope the wrong eyes don’t see the file.

You can’t be sure how many copies are in circulation. If something changes in your document, like the terms of a contract or proposal, you’ll have to make a new one, but the original will still be out there.

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Problem 4: Security risk


These days, it takes minimal hacking knowledge to break through password-protected and encrypted files. A couple of YouTube tutorials and anyone might gain access to your files.


Password-protecting can safeguard PDFs, but only to an extent; using passwords is like using those tiny padlocks on traveling bags. Anyone would get through, without your knowledge, which might be disastrous if they have ulterior motives.



Considering the outlined problems of keeping security information in electronic documents, we recommend you use secure PDF tools for file protection. The following subheading explains the need to protect sensitive data.

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Why it’s Important to Protect Sensitive Information

Data control

A secure PDF doesn’t only keep information from hackers, it also determines the operations performed. (For instance, whether a recipient can screenshot or copy text from your document.) This security feature ensures that nobody reproduces or redistributes your document and its information.


Data breaches negatively affect a company’s finances

Business owners have more reason to worry about data security. Statistics show that a single data breach can cost an average business over $8 million in financial loss, fines, identify theft repair, and others. As such, data protection is a compulsory investment for every company.

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To avoid reputation damage

Aside from the financial consequences, the business may also lose clients’ trust, which is an essential factor in brand building. Security breaches will damage your company’s reputation and make customers lose faith in your ability to protect their data. Imagine losing customer details like credit and debit card information, phone numbers, and emails.


Hence, it’s crucial to protect your business, your reputation, and of course, your customers.


Data loss gives your competitors an edge

Losing sensitive information to the wrong hands spoils your reputation and gives competitors an edge. When you lose customer trust, they’ll try to find trustworthy services elsewhere, from your competitors.

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PDFs house bank statements, digital receipts, contracts, business proposals, white papers, and other data you cannot afford to lose. Losing such valuable information informs your competitors of your business operations, and puts you at a disadvantage.


Hackers target everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a big brand. Every company is targeted by cybercriminals who want to steal sensitive information. These hackers can sell company data like trade secrets, customer information, and business dealings for money if allowed. So it’s up to you as a business owner to take calculated steps and protect your data from hackers.


Why Lumin PDF is the Best Decision for File Protection

The internet is filled with people looking for the slightest opportunity to access your information and use it against you. As such, it’s vital to counter their efforts with multiple defense mechanisms.

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Here’s a breakdown of why Lumin PDF remains the best decision for your file protection:


File conversion

Lumin’s your best bet to edit PDFs and get MORE done. The PDF conversion software lets you convert and merge documents of different formats into PDF. That way, you don’t have to worry about multiple files being vulnerable to cyberattack, rather, you’ll have one fully protected file.



You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues because Lumin PDF editor comes in multiple formats, unlike other PDF tools online. That way you can view your PDF online via any device.


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Your sensitive information, such as financial data, proposals, and consumer information, is protected by passwords, eSignatures, optical character recognition (OCR), and other distinguishing questions. You can also use an authentication PDF to protect a file containing important data.


Top-notch encryption

You can allow Lumin PDF access to all files without fear of malware entering your device. You also get notified immediately our system suspects message tampering.


Lumin also uses Transport-layer security, a point-to-point security mechanism that can be used for authentication, message integrity, and confidentiality. To put simply, whenever the client interacts with the server, they negotiate an encryption; so sent messages use a different encryption for everything interaction.

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Increased firewall protection

Lumin has doubled the firewall protection around all its servers and database.


Tightened link-sharing policies

Lumin requires users to confirm their sharing settings for each file. As icing on the cake, our users can now safely use the Lumin PDF reader online and via mobile app.



Clients want assurance that their info is safe, and you must protect your business information and integrity. Now’s the time to try Lumin as a solution for your file protection needs.

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