Harness Accessories Evolution: From Antiquity to Modernity 

 April 20, 2022

Source: pinterest.com
Source: pinterest.com

Each season gives us not only its own total look, but also the main fashion trends, fashion details.

Fetish-inspired jewelry and accessories is a great fashion game. Playing with sexuality is a game with prohibitions and taboos, with understatement and hints. Everything is obvious and at the same time so veiled and hidden – this is a fantasy field. Opinion about the boundaries of what is permissible is constantly changing in society.

A woman in trousers, with pierced earlobes, is the norm, a woman in short shorts, with several types of piercings, is already causing controversy.

What can we say about jewelry made of metal and leather that evokes associations with a collar, clutches with handcuffs and bondage elements in clothes? Yesterday they were controversial, today they’re on stage and in a music video, tomorrow you’ll be wearing this for a Friday outing to the club.

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Don’t take fashion too seriously. A latex catsuit and a stylized collar should be reserved for special occasions, but incorporating an element of provocation into your usual attire is a way to give yourself a slight sense of freedom. And if someone has already decided that this trend looks too rough, let them not rush to conclusions and look at the collection from https://obsessharness.com/.

Source: pinterest.com
Source: pinterest.com

Harnes Aesthetics: How Fashion Has Changed

Fetish aesthetics, body harness woman and BDSM style did not become fashionable yesterday. And not even with the advent of the novel “50 Shades of Grey”. A corset, stockings and a bra quickly ceased to be objects of purely practical use, having acquired an erotic coloring. Leather, fur, rubber (latex); heels, underwear, uniforms – this is not a complete list of fetish items. Something has a long history, something is a recent acquisition. You just need to immediately separate fetishism as a lifestyle, a subculture on one side, and on the other – the processing of these images by fashion for the mass consumer.

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In the 30s of the 20th century, women’s underwear in the spirit of the Belle Epoque was especially popular in the subculture. Already in 1990, Jean-Paul Gaultier creates stage costumes for Madonna. Among them is the famous cone-shaped bra. In the first case, we are talking about a private interest that is not accessible to the majority. In the second – about a loud provocative statement.

Despite all the scandalousness and tinge of sexism, this subject began to be actively copied.

Source: anothermag.com
Source: anothermag.com

It’s bold and creative!

The more tolerant society became in matters of the sexual sphere, the more actively images and objects of “another sexuality” penetrated and borrowed. In the 1950s, Christian Dior introduced his new image and brought the forgotten corsets into fashion. In the 60s-70s, the boundaries of public recognition expanded significantly and the number of fetishistic motives increased due to the art of cinema and photography.

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The fashion historian Valerie Steele notes In her book «Fetish: Fashion, Sex and Power», that “fetish fashion was quite common for quite some time” and a number of fetish-style items were available in inexpensive department stores.

In the 70s, no one contributed to the promotion of fetish accessories and harness for women like punks. Led by “Queen” Vivienne Westwood. In 1974, she named her shop “SEX” and began selling clothes and paraphernalia for sadomasochists and fetishists. At this time, she wore clothes in the style of “total S&M” – no hints, the original bondage.

Source: provokr.com
Source: provokr.com

Harness – a step into the fashion of the future

Fashion is gaining momentum and becoming more and more mass. At the same time, elements of fetish aesthetics and are transmitted by new youth subcultures, an androgynous style appears, and woman harness a completely different look at clothes comes.

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Japanese designers also contributed to this. In the early 1990s, the acronym BDSM was formed. In 1992, Gianni Versace released his famous “bondage” collection. We first saw the harnesses for women on the catwalk in the Hermes by Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011 collection. It can be described as one of the most stunning in the combination of Hermes classics and Gaultier wildness.

The uniqueness of the women’s harness is that it looks spectacular with both blouses and evening dresses, and the most daring wear them on their naked bodies. That is why the harness is a piece of clothing, not an accessory.

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A piece of harness for woman is a sign of your freedom and emancipation, femininity and strength at the same time.

Source: lofficielusa.com
Source: lofficielusa.com

Why is the popularity of women’s harness on the rise?

The exercise of power through sexuality is always controversial. On the one hand, there are accusations of sexual exploitation, sexism, imaginary rights, in relation to women – manipulation. On the other hand, freedom (including self-expression) goes hand in hand with responsibility. If a woman has certain views and preferences in matters of the sexual sphere and decides to demonstrate her attitude towards sexuality in the chosen way, then this is her right and choice.

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And the choice is huge! Leather harnesses for women include belts, chokers, leggings, garters, bondage… and for a special occasion – leather lingerie, handcuffs and strap-on.

The latest trend in modern style is the compromise and mixing of different details and styles, so now choker necklaces, women’s leather harnesses over clothes are in fashion.

It can be worn in a casual look, as well as worn for a provocative and sexy look or a themed party. Even simple black lingerie with a belt looks completely different – a woman looks very bright, spectacular and catchy.

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